~Erica’s Senior Pictures~

I am so excited to have these pics up for Erica!!  We had such a blast in the process of photographing these images–we did beach shots at East Tawas–a very special place for her with many fond memories–and we also did drive by,  jump out,  great place for a pictures shots on the way back–too much fun!!  Then that night we went downtown Bay City for a night shoot–total glam shots–sooo beautiful Erica!!  Then the next day was Erica’s studio  session–quite the model!!  Mom, Karibeth and sister, Kellsie were part of all this too–it was sooo fun having them along–Erica wanted sister pics with Kellsie as part of her senior shoot and it was so special to be able to capture the sweet and fun moments sisters can have–and Karibeth rocked as an assistant!!! I could not have been more honored to be my Goddaughter’s photographer….luv ya…

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