~ Luke and Alec ~ { New Baltimore, Chesterfield, Macomb, and Richmond Michigan Newborn Lifestyle Photographer }

~ I love being able to photograph wee ones in their own home…you get the opportunity to see and learn so much more about them.  These two little guys sure pulled at my heart strings!  Luke…just a bundle of sweetness and love.  Alec…such the little man and soooo adorable… ~

Herston-2 Herston-7066 Herston-7071 Herston-7076 Herston-7087 Herston-7110 Herston-7123 Herston-7128 Herston-7129 Herston-7171 Herston-7243 Herston-7264 Herston-7309 Herston-7312 Herston-7337 Herston-7355

Herston-7406 Herston-7442 Herston-7458 Herston-7491 Herston-7496 Herston


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