~ Gina ~ 2014 Senior ~ Athens High School ~ Richmond, Troy, Sterling Heights Michigan Senior Photographer ~

I just love this girl!! We had so much fun doing a variety of locations on her senior photo session…I just love designing custom sessions that capture all different facets of one’s personality as I did with Gina…she loves her doggie, music, playing the piano, acting, fashion, and having fun…as well as being incredibly smart!  We had many laughs that day, along with her Mom…who was an awesome assistant as well…:)


Gina Kramer-2469

Gina Kramer-9753

Gina Kramer-9643

Gina Kramer-9733

Gina Kramer-9720

Gina Kramer-9702

Gina Kramer-9860

Gina Kramer-9843

Gina Kramer-9797

Gina Kramer-9847

Gina Kramer-9664

Gina KramerR-9773

Gina Kramer-9684-2

Gina Kramer-9610

Gina Kramer-9530

Gina Kramer-9482

Gina Kramer-9496

Gina Kramer-9574

Gina Kramer-6963

Gina Kramer-2

Gina Kramer-2751

Gina Kramer-2661

Gina Kramer-2641

Gina Kramer-2553

Gina Kramer-2511

Gina Kramer-9946

Gina Kramer-2407






























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