~ Kristen ~CLASS OF 2017~ { Royal Oak, Macomb, Richmond, St. Clair, Chesterfield, Romeo, and Rochester Michigan Photographer}

~ Totally awesome senior shoot with Kristen in Downtown Detroit!!  It was a gorgeous day with this beautiful and talented senior…not to mention a ton of fun!!  Her Mom had mad skills driving us around Detroit to the different locations and was a blast to be with and a super sweet Mom assistant!! Kristen, I love the places that were chosen for they really embraced your person as well as how special of a young woman you are….xoxo ~

Kristen Dubicki-8135Kristen Dubicki-5511Kristen Dubicki-8106Kristen Dubicki-5559Kristen Dubicki-7931Kristen Dubicki-7818Kristen Dubicki-5229Kristen Dubicki-7824Kristen Dubicki-8002Kristen Dubicki-5354Kristen Dubicki-5293Kristen Dubicki-5448Kristen Dubicki-8220Kristen Dubicki-8192Kristen Dubicki-8073


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