~ Luke and Alec ~ { New Baltimore, Chesterfield, Macomb, and Richmond Michigan Newborn Lifestyle Photographer }

~ I love being able to photograph wee ones in their own home…you get the opportunity to see and learn so much more about them.  These two little guys sure pulled at my heart strings!  Luke…just a bundle of sweetness … Continue reading

~ A Little Catching Up To Do ~

Hi!  Just to keep you updated, I will doing some catchup posting from some shoots from last year and beginning of this year…. My goal is to always post my shoots whether I can do at the time or for when I get crazy,  awesome busy and post later… 🙂  Hope you are having a great summer!



~ Hi There! ~

Oh my gosh, I am so horrible at keeping up with blogging!!! Truly its only a time thing…. I have been so busy with just about everything! Been working on the business end of my photography world…went from a PC to a Mac and been taking classes. I was having a hard time wrapping my brain around the differences…which seems crazy for the Mac (now that I am getting it) is going to be way easier for me! I am in love!!! So then I decided trying to keep track of everything on the business end the paper way was getting a bit ridiculous for me. So, with the help of a totally giving friend who has spent hours teaching and helping me learn QuickBooks its now finally implemented into my business. Thanks Sherry…forever grateful! Then of course, there is the time that I love to spend with my family…with whom I adore and treasure. They have been so understanding with my time deficit with them on this wonderful, crazy, passionate, love, love, love I have with photography!!! Now for posting on my blog… I want to thank all my wonderful clients who bring such joy to me with every opportunity I have been given to capture their sweet, timeless memories… Thank you all so incredibly much!! Oh, and finally because I am only just a few months behind..LOL..bare with me as I get caught up…


I cannot believe its been this long!! My Grand Opening for my studio was in October 2009 which was absolutely a dream come true!! Since then I have been just crazy busy in a totally awesome way… So here are some of my shoots since last post…so glad to finally be sharing them with all of you!!

~Christen and Tim Are Engaged~

Our plans were to take advantage of a beautiful sunny day at George-George Park, but Mother Nature decided not to cooperate and provided us a day of  rain.  So after an all out  mass text was sent by Christen it was decided we would head to the Conservatory at Belle Isle.  As you can see regardless of the weather Christen and Tim provided plenty of sunshine and a lot fun!!!!  They are a super sweet and cute couple that I totally enjoyed spending the afternoon with….

~Erica’s Senior Pictures~

I am so excited to have these pics up for Erica!!  We had such a blast in the process of photographing these images–we did beach shots at East Tawas–a very special place for her with many fond memories–and we also did drive by,  jump out,  great place for a pictures shots on the way back–too much fun!!  Then that night we went downtown Bay City for a night shoot–total glam shots–sooo beautiful Erica!!  Then the next day was Erica’s studio  session–quite the model!!  Mom, Karibeth and sister, Kellsie were part of all this too–it was sooo fun having them along–Erica wanted sister pics with Kellsie as part of her senior shoot and it was so special to be able to capture the sweet and fun moments sisters can have–and Karibeth rocked as an assistant!!! I could not have been more honored to be my Goddaughter’s photographer….luv ya…